follow mode - how to?
  • I have armbgc v3 (red one) board and I am trying to make the follow mode work, I have tried different settings on different axis - no change, the follow mode just doesn't work, I tried that on 2.0b3, b4 and 2.1 versions

    what to do to make follow work?
    thanks for help
  • Hi

    another here..

    Running a Flyduino board with latest 2.1, follow me now working? ,, any ideas?

  • I also have an armbgc v3 broad with latest firmware v2.1, but the follow mode just doesn't work too. Please show me the PID setting. Any advice on this is much appreciated!

  • I got mine to work with an I setting of 0,5 follow on 100% and Speed on 45
  • Using latest firmware and gui...how can we set follow mode? i'm using 2 alexmos boards, the 2nd for yaw. please help on any instructions...the new gui doesn't have follow 100%. it's really confusing compared to the previous gui.
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  • Hi Alex ,please give us a tutorial for install and configure 2 board for follow pitch mode Thank You!
  • Look at my BLOG on DIYDrones.com, under Dave Beaty, I have a detailed video with settings for Follow Mode and Joystick Mode. Also find Alex's video on Youtube, he shows how to setup follow mode. In the Follow mode GUI tab you should have Follow Pitch or Follow Yaw selected and a deadband around 5 degrees. The I in the PID controls speed. Mine is around .2 or .3 for turning corners or rotating around a subject.
  • DBeaty or others,
    I get the impression that the speed versus angle control is the better way to go for stable RC yaw override while in follow mode.
  • dbeaty2,
    Any chance you can provide better guidance to your blog on follow mode setup?..... can't seem to locate it!