• jhonalovej
    hey dave, i have similar motors like u have, 180T, and am hearing some noise while am shooting. how about your motors ? Thank you
    January 2014
  • Hi Dave, I pologize if I send you a message. I visited your blog in dyd drone but I no found a solution to my question. Also I searched the various threads in this forum but have not found a post that could solve my problem. I bought a board AlexMos 3-axis, roll and pitch are perfect but I'm getting crazy with the pan. I understand that with the third axis is possible to follow a point (also it is ok) but I would like to find another solution. I would like to block the third axis so that the camera always look at the front. How can I lock the pan and prevent it always follows a point. Thank you so much for your kind answers. In fact if you believe that this post exists and can be of help please tell me.
    December 2013
  • Hi I like you set up and your blog. I want to get into this asap so I can build out a parts list and build out plan. I've seen many gimbal kits but I am unsure if they will allow proper fit to the motors i intend to get... Motor: iPower Gimbal Brushless Motor GBM8017-120T I want to manage a RED camera on a UAV and remote controll the 3 axis with auto stabilization... Mark
    November 2013

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