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  • Getting started
    Ask question how to start building your own brushelss gimbal or choose complete solution
    830 discussions 2,657 comments
  • Brushless gimbal mechanics
    DIY and commercial projects, drawings, photo and video in work
    117 discussions 371 comments
  • Electronics
    All questions related to HW and FW of SimpleBGC controller
    671 discussions 2,001 comments
  • Motors
    Questions and experience in choosing and rewinding motors for different camera sizes
    143 discussions 686 comments
  • Tuning brushless gimbal
    Tips and tricks, GUI-related questions and hints how to get maximum performance from your gimbal
    332 discussions 1,624 comments
  • Troubleshooting
    Ask a question if something goes wrong. Disclaimer: Before start discussion, please try to contact your supplier to solve the problems.
    958 discussions 4,259 comments
  • Build logs, photo and video in work
    Publish your success story with video and photo!
    38 discussions 236 commentsMost recent: data logging by thoamsxMay 23
  • Software (ideas, feature requests, bug reports)
    Share ideas how to improve this project. Request for feature. Report a bug related to GUI or firmware
    281 discussions 1,104 comments
  • Serial API
    You can manage the BaseCam Controllers via Serial API. To get the manual and code examples go on this page - http://www.basecamelectronics.com/downloads/32bit/
    105 discussions 300 comments

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