Check the current gimbal's roll, pitch, and yaw status in the serial API
  • Hello, guys.

    I have a few questions, so I'm going to ask them here.

    I tried serial communication connection to gimbal using GUI(v2.70b0) progrtam, and
    communication is working normally.

    first, in the GUI on the right screen of the instrument panel( yaw, roll, pitch), the first instrument panel, probably yaw.
    so, what's the API to check the angle of the compass needle(red and blue) and the while arrow there?
    I think it's CMD_REALTIME_DATA_3 or CMD_REALTIME_DATA_4... right?

    second, when checking the current angle of the gimbal in the API, what is the encoder value of the motor in the GUI? red and blue needle or white arrow?

  • Hello,
    Angles of the camera platform (black arrow) and angles of motors/encoders (white arrow) are available in several commands:

    Check the variables IMU_ANGLE[3] and STATOR_ROTOR_ANGLE[3]
  • Thanks alexmos.