• hi i need help with alexmos
    August 2023
  • April 2022
  • Hello from Atlanta - I just received the iFlight AlexMos Extended controller gimbal kit - with GM2804 motors with encoders. It looks like it will take some research to understand the proper wiring. The leads from the encoders (AS5048A) are just three leads - terminated with a JR servo connector. The controller board connectors for the encoders look to be 7-pin SH-1.0 JST connectors. Can someone please help me find a connection diagram so I can fabricate the proper wiring? Many Thanks!
    January 2022
    • jstroup1986
      OK - I've dug around a little - and my A55048A encoders have two connections on the board. One side is an open 7-pin JST SH-1.0 connector - which matches the connectors (and the wires that came with this kit) on the controller board - OK - problem solved. The other 3-wire connector looks like it might be the alternate PWM connector that this encoder supports. I'm curious - can it be used with the Extended controller - or should the PWM connection be used in any situation? Thank you!
      January 2022
  • Hello. I set the MNT-TYPE = 4 in MissionPlanner. But Control is also no. What should i do then?
    January 2019
    • chen
      Flight control is Pixhawk.
      January 2019
  • Flight Control is pixhawk. I followed the instructions to set it. Firmware is 2.68.b6. AHRS-OK,GPS-OK,RC-OK,Control-no. What shuould i do? This has puzzled me for days. I'm in a hurry to use it. Please reply me as soon as possible.
    January 2019
  • AOPEN3434
    Hello Gaurd Alex, looking for some corporation in the new year with NEW steady cam gimbals vertical stabilization to as competitor to the steady cam volt https://tiffen.com/steadicam/m1volt/ looking for investors for initial investment prototype cost and so on looking at 2500 for hardware prototype do think need any software optimization as well?
    December 2018
  • Hi bro i have encoder in 5208 200t motor and i brought dys basecam comtroler .. I also update firmware. For encoder. But i dnt know which cable from encoder go to the dys controller board ..
    March 2018
  • Hi Alexmos, Hope you can advise. I tried updating to the latest firmware via the application on my MacBook Pro but it seems to hang on the line Downloading.... I spotted someone else on the forum had the same issue as me recently. I've managed to get back up and running using a backup. I have a Pilotfly H2 Gimbal. Thank you. Dominic
    February 2018
  • AOPEN3434
    hello, I have a functionality question! thinking of producing a motorized slider using 2 Alexmos controller one as normal stabilizer the other to drive the slider axis simple as 2 slow oppositely rotating axis to move the film head in strait line R to L, is this possible to have BGC software rotate axis no modification to code?
    January 2018
  • Sorry Alexei,I just want to mount the encoder for yaw, but in regular firmware by GUI (upgrade, beta) i dont find firmware 2.58 b8 or b9 The last firm is 2.59b9 but it doesn't has the PWM types and I2C types of encoders for yaw. Is it in special firmware? as can I get it? thanks
    April 2016
  • Hey, Hope all is well. I am having significant problems with my new 32 bit controller.
    Any help would be gratefully appreciated! -Kareem
    February 2016
  • Hi Alex Im using a 32 bit bluetooth board and mid way through upgrade it crashed. I now have it stuck at firmware 0.0. My RCAddicts Alexmos 32 bit board has know usb just bluetooth and im using mac. any suggestions?
    June 2015
  • Hello, I am trying to use the serial api without an arduino connected. I modified the SerialControl example (changing delay to Sleep and using a c++ serial port class) and I cannot get the cmd_control functions to work. In my code, I am using the baud rate that is given in the GUI. I have tried using even and no parity with no success. Can you suggest anything else that could be keeping the demo from working? I should note that my code compiles and runs with no errors (or warnings for that matter). Thanks!
    June 2015
  • Hi Alexei: I forgot something...how to solve the proble of the follow mode on the 8 bit board? Roll drifts a bit and can´t move the frame beyond 45degrees or starts shaking. Also estimate frame angles from motors doesn´t work...Can you help? Thank you very much Augusto
    April 2015
  • Hi Alex. The DYS board doesnt seem to connect properly...It prompts connetcing but doesn]t say conneteced. Doesnt read the parameters from the board. Any ideas? Thank you
    March 2015
  • Hello, thanks for the great work! What are the future development plans for this project? Would you think about a hall effect motor driver? Or an I2C motor torque output that could be put into a more complex motor driver? Or even a encoder feedback system ……… What do you think? Thanks for your time and good luck
    October 2014
  • ​Dear sir honest greeting and great respect I'm aal I'm very impressed about your project and i will do my best to support your great work i need your help to control basecam over Linux (control gimbals movement over USB to do automated movement like the panorama i found the rgmaotion but its not work under Linux pleas help me with : software for serial or USB control under Linux or any necessary tools or any ready made control project in lunix to understand the concepts thanks alot in advance regards
    October 2014
  • Hi Alexmos, I need some help, i had a 8bit 2 axis gimball, but last week I was trying to upgrade the firmware to GUI 2.40b7, but the upgrade failed . Now the gimbal doesn't connect and there is no more green led only the red still, could you give me some help. I would appreciate it. Thanks
    August 2014
  • MagiCminD
    Hi alexmos. Can you please give me some help? I have 3 posts in this forum that might need your help. Also, I have made some adaptations on DYS gimbal to support Mobius camera... take a look :) But I do need some help on setting limits to YAW oscillations..: And things that happen a lot even after proper gyro/acc calibration like ... yaw turning -> roll effects... :/ Thanks so much. Fernando
    August 2014
  • Hello Alexei: When do you think the 32bit boards will be available? Is there any chance of getting a pre release board for testing? Best regards Augusto
    February 2014
  • Hello Mr. Alexei. I have a problem here I wonder if you could help. When I yaw on handheld the roll compensates but drifts and takes a long time to go back to 0 degrees from 15 degrees. I don´t know how to makes this ok. Accelerometer 6 positon calibrated, gyro calibrated...so I dom´t know how to correct this. Could you please help? Thank you very much
    November 2013
  • alexmos
    alexmos joined.
    Welcome Aboard!
    March 2013
    • renatozadi
      Hi my friend Alex. I'm from Brazil. I bought an Alexmos controller and i did update to 2.b2 firmware. After this the chip L62340 - 99069 V6 - MYS 99128 IT'S OVERBURNING WHEN I PLUG THE BATTERY. What's happen? Can you help me, please? Thx in advance. Renato Zadi
      September 2013
    • renatozadi
      PS: the overburning its in the chip of Motor 2, ok.
      September 2013
    • JamieOliver
      July 2018

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