• Hi

    I have a 3 axes gimbal, works awsome, but when I use the none folow yaw, the yaw start to drift, very slow, but of course after a while you can notice the camera moves. I have asked the same few years ago, and I would like to know if there are solution for this. I have the las firmware, yaw enconder, Camera IMU.

  • Hello, the solution exists but not simple. YAW drifts because it does not have an absolute reference like ROLL and PITCH. Such reference may provide a magnetometer sensor. Our system supports several I2C models. But it's a very delicate device and may be confused by everything: nearby iron, magnets, high-current cables. Check our User Manual how to install and configure it.

    Another alternative is a manual drift correction. Operator can make a fine adjustment of the gyroscope's YAW bias via Adjustable variable, linked to the free RC channel. It better suits for work in studios, where operator has a visual feedback and magnetometer is not a solution because of hard environment for it.
  • thanks!

    when you say a manual correction, you mean like a trim adjust?

    Does DJI gimbals and another camera provider like www.yangdaonline.com has this same drifting problems? If they dont, how they solve this problem? Thanks!
  • Will be something like this?

    Mapping Of analog-type Controls
    -Parameter to adjust
    ---Absolute or relative?
    ----Min and max??
  • Hi, It seems that the yaw does not drift In Tripod Mode. But there is a new problem, the gimbal will always follow the Frame in Tripod Mode. I think if can cancel or set the Tripod Mode by ADJ, the drifting problem will be solved.?