System analysis tool: questions about .csv file
  • I'd like to import my results into MATLAB, but there are a few things about the data in the .csv file that are not clear:

    1. What are the units for the data?
    2. What is the time-step between data points?
    3. What are the fields in the first line? Example: %sbgc_test_data;4;1;3;40000;600 (4000 was my stimulus gain, 600 was my cut-off freq., but what about the "4;1;3;"?)
  • 1. Units are gyroscope rate units (2000/32767 deg/sec). We estimating system response, out/in, so consider them as relative units.

    2. Time step is 800 us

    3. I don't remember exactly, most probably they are parameters of the test (a type of stimulus, type of system to test, etc).

    Here is matlab file I used before implementing Bode plot in the GUI. Hope it will be helpful:
  • Awesome! That is very helpful, thank you very much