Gui 2.63b0 New parameter «Hardware» — «Outer motor tilt angle»
  • I just got into the Basecam Simple BGC.
    2 Questions:
    1. I cannot find in the Gui the new parameter «Hardware» — «Outer motor tilt angle» -in the manual it says (2.63b0+) ... so I wonder if the "+" refers to a upgrade, which I cannot find? At least, there is no download for 2.63b0+...
    2. Is my Idea right that with a tilt angle of the outer Motor like in the manual -45° but then mounting the outer motorshaft vertically, like in a handheld gimbal, I'd have a better sight on the monitor of the camera. (because the (roll-) frame that holds the camera would then pointing 45° down if the camera ist in horizontal position and so not block view on the monitor...
  • 1. Parameter is here: http://ybex.com/d/iww540sfl1whswixgkwxeieuxocqtnq3sl5h2y7j.html
    The "+" mark in version means "this version and all above".

    2. Yes, exactly - it inscrease the clearance of camera LCD. Regarding +- sign, we have updated description in the User Manual, how to properly choose a sign.

    Note that 2.66 beta version has slightly improved support of this function and has bugfixes related to encoder calibration with the tilted motor, so may be you need to upgrade to it to make it working.

    Regards, Aleksey.
  • Great!
    Thanks Aleksey for that fast and complete answer!
  • Now starting to build, I've 2 more questions:
    I am not using encoders - would this be necessary to tilt the outer motor?
    And how is the orientation of the frame IMU? Parallel to the roll-axis or to the outer motor?
    Here is a schematic drawing - already pretty much in the correct relations:
  • The outer motor tilt angle is fully supported only in the encoder firmware. Without encoders stabilization will work, but the "follow device" mode may work incorrectly.

    The frame IMU should be mounted parallel to ROLL motor as on your picture.
  • Thx.
    "Follow device" means the follow mode?
    Too bad, I have the turnigy 5208 motors ... hard to fix the encoders magnet. Maybe I can glue it to the 6mm axle. I wonder, if the magnet has to be highly exact or if the encoder corrects minor incorrectnesses...
  • I set F-IMU at YAW. I did not use encoder. when ROLL rolling axis too 45 * starting the start output Shake very many. I need to give. cảm ơn