Roll when yawing
  • Hi,

    Gimbal fully balanced and tuned reasonably well, get some high frequency buzz (in the frame) occasionally from the tilt motor.
    V 2.30b5

    I have seen this roll when using follow yaw discussed and dbeaty solved by adjusting PID, I have now been adjusting for a while and nothing seems to stop it. Basically as soon as you rotate away from the 'home' position in yaw the roll will move a few degrees and remain, then moving back to 'home' yaw orientation puts it back to level, vice versa both directions.

    I had previously not had this problem on yaw, only something must have changed but I don't know what.

    May go back to absolute basics and start again, including full imu calibration, but it's a pain to remove and replace!


  • Basics are good to be set first, but I think there might be something else too http://forum.basecamelectronics.com/index.php?p=/discussion/652/fw-2-4-roll#Item_6

    In my case at least it seems Yaw stick should not be used in Follow mode.
  • Thanks, yes I saw this, but I have disconnected my joystick and removed the settings in the GUI. So not sure what is happening. I may reconnect the joystick and see what happens. too tired right now! need sleep. Have to have the rig ready the day after tomorrow for a shoot!
  • Turn the P up on the roll....should fix it. Perform a Gyro calibration a set the trust Gyro to 110
  • First - new firmware 2.40b6 - the stabilization is really better. I have perfect results with new firmware and I'm satisfied with it. Good Job Alex.

    When I just do yaw, roll and small tilt everything is perfect. But when I put camera tilt to 90 degrees and back then I do yaw sometimes roll is not straight . I did 6 point callibration and same result.
    When I'm turning yaw 360 degrees in some angle is roll skewed to right and other angle roll skewed to left. I did something wrong? How can I test if my calibration is ok?