Motors Hot...
  • I am building a subsea gimbal that is not your normal gimbal. I am very tight for space and have to use a direct brushless motor for the Roll. This motor is not under load when stationary unless it needs to rotate the rig to stabilise. Even then the load is minimal to rotate the rig as its on thin section bearings and a 20:1 ratio Gear rack system. The issue is that I need variable current given through the CAN Driver to the motor when only needed. If the motor is constantly drawing 2Amps @ 12v it gets up to 70+ degrees C. Am I right in assuming the 'boost power' option solves this and gives current/torque only when needed when the 'power' setting is not enough? Or is there another check box somewhere I have missed.
  • Hello. The best solution would be installing encoder: it allows to work in FOC mode, having zero current consumption if no torque is required. Without the encoder, motor works in synchronous mode, where the "boost power" parameter will not help: it applies extra power only when synchronization is lost, i,e, ROLL motor already lost the horizon, and extra power helps to overcome the disturbance and return it back.
  • Ah ok, yes the motors I have bought already have an encoder built into them but sadly I ripped it out as its built into the driver to which is incompatable to the basecam CanBus system, or at least it seems to be. This link is to the motor I am using. So from the technical info from the link do you think I can install your AS5048B to the rear of the motor?


    I am also about to buy more if this works well as I ahve three more projects this can be incorporated into.