No error on heading vector error gauge in magnetometer calibration
  • I've added a magnetometer to help with yaw drift, no settings seem to make any difference to the slow yaw drift, mag is calibrated as per instructions, all on +/- 1, however I notice the gauge that shows heading vector error in the calibration helper always shows 0, is it normal to have absolutely 0 error ? Seems like the magnetometer isnt being used at all
  • Hello,

    The crucial parameter is "Hardware" - "Heading correction factor". Check that it is set to non-zero. The recommended value is 50-70.
  • Thanks for the reply,
    There is no "heading correction factor" in my GUI, only a "magnetometer trust" , which ive set everywhere from 1 to 100, but without any difference
  • Just realised there was a 2.68 of the gui, and heading correction factor is there, but it was set to 100, anyway ill update and retest
  • connection dropped out when uploading new firmware and it bricked the board, how do you reflash it when this happens?

    Older 32-bit non extended board looks like its using the mag properley though