• Hello there. I just started working on SimpleBGC GUI and after checking the latest manual and the scripting manual, I did not manage to find anything on logging real-time data from sessions on a csv file for example.
    So my question is: Is there a command in the special language of the GUI that logs the values of RPY to a csv file?
    Also, can I use other programming languages for scripting in the GUI?
  • Hello,

    To enable logging, select the checkbox in the "Service" - "Misc. settings" - "Log RT data".
    (BTW, it is not a good place for it, we will move it to the "File" - "Settings" in the future.)

    CSV files are stored into sub-folder "logs".

    There are no other options for scripting. If you need more advanced control over the SBGC32 and its data (maybe you want a higher rate or different datasets) - you can use your favorite programming language to send commands and query data via the Serial API. GUI uses it, too.

    Regards, Aleksey.
  • Hello Aleksey,
    First of all, thank you for the response.I ticked the log real -time data checkbox as you instructed.

    So now if I make a test/session, when it ends, will there be a pop-up window asking me to save the data in a file of my choice? or is there a predestined path for the tests?(I saw a "logs" folder in the SimpleBGC GUI installation folder for example)
    Also, there is a "Rewrite on reconnection" checkbox right below the box you suggested. Should I leave it ticked or unticked? Does it mess with the logging?

    Another thing: I also found an alternative way on logging data. The PySimpleBGC project. It is a python project which aims to allow the communication with Basecam SimpleBGC controller board. Do you recommend it for usage?

    Athanasios Loukas
  • Hello Aleksey,
    Forget about the 1st part of my previous question. It works fine. Except that each session is saved in the same csv file.
    Can I fix this and save each session on a new CSV file when I press "connect" on the GUI ?

    My last question however still stands. Do you recommend using PysimpleBGC for data logging?