Read Real-time Data with Serial-API
  • Hi Guys,
    I connected to SimpleBGCV3.0 32 bit board with Serial-API Library. I controlled angle and speed of motor using serial-api but I didn't able to read real-time data from serial-api. Can you help me please?
  • Hi,

    Short answer is "yes, we can". But we need more information at wich point you experienced problems? Parsing CMD_REALTIME_DATA, or finding infomration, or something else?
  • Thanks you Alexmos for your answer. I use the below code for read real-time data but I receive 0 data from board.

    SBGC_cmd_realtime_data_t rt_data;
    SerialCommand cmd;

    SBGC_cmd_realtime_data_unpack(rt_data, cmd);
    serialWrite(1, rt_data.imu_angle[YAW]); // send imu angle to pc with serial
  • Realtime data is sent in response to a request. You have to send CMD_RELATIME_DATA_3 to the board first. See the example LCDRemote where it is requested.
  • Thanks Alexmos.
    I see the example but I can't understand how to send CMD_RELATIME_DATA_3 to the board. Can you tell me how to send this command to the board?
  • I use "sbgc_parser.send_cmd(cmd)" to send command to the board. Is it true?