Gimbal motor wire hookup help
  • I bought the iflight 2212-80t brushless motors and the GLB v3.1 board. I was able to program the board just fine. Problem is the motors have 3 wires and i dont know which way they go. they arent marked. WHichever way i hook them up they go beserk when plugged in. Any help would be appreciated. I've tried contacting ipower but no response yet.

  • Any way is fine. Just perform the motor configuration auto after connection.
  • OK i have them all hooked up but when i apply power to the board the motors go beserk and just shake like crazy. when i try to move by hand to help level they just shake.
  • heres a video. any help would be appreciated I've been working on it for several days now
  • That is totally expected. The camera must be installed and well balanced, the basic setup and tuning must be performed before the gimbal will work. See the users manual.