2 IMUs connections
  • Hello. I need some help about first run with a 3 axis 32bit gimbal.

    How can i recognize where i have to connect the 2 IMUs? can i invert the 2 cables? it's the same? (i have a card that SPLIT the 2 signals, on that card i plug 2 cables, there's a WAY to do that or i just plug the frame IMU and the camera IMU where i want?)

    I can't really UNDERSTAND how to set Z,X or Y in the sensor's area of the software.. dunno how to SEE if i have to use Z or -Z, or Y o whatever.. it make me crazy :)

    Is there a TOTAL NEWBIE tutorial somewhere on this forum (or site)? i saw 20 videos, with 20 different way to calibrate the gimbal, nobody say how to PLUG it or choose the axis..

    PLS help...

  • It doesn't matter where you connect your IMU, it is I2C connection. All sensors are connected in parallel. But you need to cut small bridge on Frame IMU and that way it will work with 0x69 address.
    It is very well explained in manual.

    To make sure orientation of sensor is selected correctly ... just turn your gimbal and see if instruments showed in GUI are moving the same.
  • Hello, two IMUs connect to control board via splitter. Camera IMU and Frame IMU have his address. Splitter just unite two IMU's cables in one cable.

    About IMU axis: please, send photos how located IMU on your gimbal.
  • thx for the help.

    still can't figure out some stuff..

    when i change TOP and RIGHT settings for the FRAME imu, roll and pitch become crazy.
    i suppose the right condition is Y -X (the IMU is vertical, the Y arrow is versus TOP, the X arrow is versus LEFT)

    Now the gimball works fine for ROLL and PITCH, but still IAW is not wotking at all
    Continue to rotate from totally LEFT to totally RIGHT positions..

    how i have to set RC settings for YAW?
    and Follow mode?

    thx in advance for hlep!
  • Hello, set RC you can to associate YAW axis with a pins EXT_ROLL or EXT_PITCH and select desired mod for RC Control.
    for example: http://ybex.com/d/r7focwuijzbipq6kkwcq97d68k5ql5bbyavddypi.html
  • thx a lot for your HELP guys!
  • Also, you need to calibrate your accelerometer and gyroscope ....
    I recommend 6 point calibration....
  • Installing second IMU sensor on frame but need to cut the bridge first, the bridge is so fine or non existing, but can see it under magnifying glass, something that is not like it is in the Basecam User Manual, anyone got ideas about this board and it's bridge