• Hi Andrew I am having the same problem as AerialFilms with my Birdycam Lite. I upgraded to the latest firmware and now the motors wont engage. I have downgraded to an earlier version but still no motors. Board is ver 3.0, Firmware is currently 2.56 b4 and using SimpleBGC GUI ver 2.56 b7 - GUI connects and works OK - but with no motors engaging I don't know what to do now?? Please help me if you can as I have a job in 5 days. John
    October 2017
  • I can’t seem to get the motors to working. It connects to the software fine. The motors just won’t move. Tarot 680 Pro Naza M V2 Taranis Plus Transmitter X8R Receiver
    August 2015
  • Hi, I have bought new DYS Gimbal Controller. When I try to connect GUI with connect button, I see red light only one sensor and no light other sensor and my controller'S buzzer always start to beeping and green light flashing . No other thing start to begin. In addition to using only laptop usb for power. What will I do? PLease help me? Thanks
    February 2015
  • AndrewSupport joined.
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    October 2014
    • eromam
      Hi. I purchased a alexmos Smart3 (2.3ba), download the gui simplebgc v2.43b6 and I said I should update firmwer plate. is that after the upgrade of the plate is left with only the red light and does not connect, it does nothing .. as I can fix it ..?
      November 2014
    • JamieOliver
      July 2018
    • 1234
      of course you can
      July 2018

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