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  • thank you for sharing
  • excellent guide. thank you so much
  • The best AlexMos board guide I have seen so far!

    A question though, I have been wondering this already previously and that is the definition of 'I'

    "“I” – The “I” value changes the speed at which the gimbal moves to incoming RC commands and moves back to neutral. Low values result in a slow and smooth reaction to RC commands and returning to neutral position. Increase this value to speed up the movement."

    'I' has also a function though RC commands are not used (or what does the RC command mean in here?) Is this definition still valid in FW 2.4?

    There is also the RC speed, the manual mentions it is used only in speed mode (the only RC mode I have used). In speed mode, what is the relation ship between Speed and 'I' ? Is it really so that in Angle mode speed is tuned with 'I'?

    (If so I would propose on next FW versions to change this so that 'I' is used for gimbal tuning only and RC speed for gimbal reaction speed to RC commands in both speed and angle mode)

    an other question regarding Mix channels

    "RC MIX – You can mix 2 inputs together before applying them to the ROLL, PITCH or YAW axis. This feature enables you to control the camera from two sources, a joystick and RC transmitter, for example. You can adjust the proportion of the mix from 0 to 100%."

    How does this work? the GUI mentions about FC Roll and FC pitch, but that is different than RC transmitter. Or does the FC mean here joystick, I am confused.

  • Hello!

    You note about "I" value is true. Its used in all modes and does not affect RC control at all. Its used to decrease error level as important part of PID regulator.

    In "RC Mix", FC ROll and FC PITCH means the names of input. There is 5 inputs onboard and 2 can be used in mix with 3 other.

    any RC input -> Map to channel (ROLL, PITCH, YAW) -> Mix with any of FC inputs

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the reply, so if I understand correctly what ever is physically connected to FC_ inputs is mixed with the selected ROLL, PITCH or YAW. Where it still gets confusing is as ROLL, PITCH and YAW can be assigned to any of the physical inputs and what happens if CDM command 'Swap RC PITCH <-> ROLL is used. I guess trying it would clarify it.

    Still about 6 point calibration. I would hope this would be clarified, and some suggestions how to improve it:

    1. The 6 point calibration is in theory really easy, just following the users manual instructions. The problem I have is finding a accurate enough cube to have the IMU accurately positioned on all of those 6 positions, and also knowing what is accurate enough?

    How accurately the 6 points need to be physically levelled for the 6 point calibration to provide better result than 1 point calibration?

    2.It would be really good if the GUI would give better feedback of the 6 point calibration process (any feedback would be better than the current)

    3. It would be good if the 1 point calibration would not automatically destroy the 6 point calibration.

    Could the 6 point calibration be used calibrating the IMU it self and 1 point calibration the installation?

    4. Is the base position always flat on table electronic components up? , even if the IMU has been configured to be installed differently? Does configuring the IMU installation (X, Y, Z directions) after the calibration affect the calibration? i.e. should it be reperformed? I guess not, but just making sure.

  • Garug,

    Thank you for catching the inconsistency in the new user manual regarding the definition of the "I" term. We have updated the guide to include revised definitions for PID and also updated the RC section to include a better description for RC Mix.

    The updated guide is published here in all formats: