Connect everything without mistakes.
  • Hey,

    I'm pretty new to basecam and in learning state of electronics and have now got home all the parts I need to test it out.

    I wonder how to connect everything proper so I dont make any mistakes. To avoid having to write a wall with text I have made a real masterpiece in paint how I think I should be connected.

    Picture below:

    Motor Info:
    I have 2x motors that will drive the roll shaft, with the AS5048A encoder.
    - Working voltage 12-36V
    - Working current: 4-5A
    - Slot number 36N - 42P; resistance 3-4 ohms

    One more note: Which cables should you change "polarization" for the opposite side of the motor? also what is the the easiest way to synchronize them so they do not counteract each other?

    Hope for all help, thank you very much.