BASECAM Pro Issues
  • Hi guys,
    i am currently working on a gimbal for heavy weight cameras und i am using the BASECAM BGC Pro.

    In my first tests i was using the Tiny Pro unit and it was working, small changes because of missing power for my motors.
    And i got issues with the i2c connection to IMU.

    To get away this problem, i am currently using the BASECAM BGC Pro unit with the new CAN IMU.

    I have a proper connection to IMU, a stable setting including PITCH,YAW and ROLL axes.

    I have also configured my setup with the parameters from tiny pro.

    Starting the gimbal work, but motors don't start to work.

    The difference in my setups is that i am not sure, if i can use on bgc pro interface unit the pins for RC_Roll, RC_Yaw, RC_Pitch with my encoder cables from my motors.
    But i also see that on the flat ribbon cable from controller board to interface board are also CS_Encoder pins.

    On tiny pro, there was for every axe one connection for the encoder cables.

    I am quite confused, how i can add my encoder connections. Motors using AS5048A encoders

    Maybe it is important, that i power the BASECAM BGC Pro with 14V

    best regards
  • Hello,
    BASECAM BGC Pro control board has a one connector for all three encoders.
    I marked needed signal pins for PWM connection.

    More information and connection diagrams you can find here: http://www.basecamelectronics.com/pro/
  • Ok , finally i found the connection for my encoders.

    Everything is wired and my motors still not working, do i have to get a jumper or board to allow the board to supply the motors?
  • Hello,
    now i got this board running with my test gimbal.

    Next Steps for me, will be adjusting parameters and try to get a communication between my laptop and the board for controlling the axes.

    I want to use the usb connection for the simple bgc software and hyper terminal for commication.
  • Connecting the GUI is straight forward. What do you need the hyper terminal for?
  • I want to move my gimbal...like go 3° on pitch axe

    a simple control of every axe
  • You need to look into the Serial API documentation (Manuals at top of the page)