Slip rings - experiences
  • Hi,
    What are your experiences with slip rings? Do they cause 12C errors if the IMU is connected on them and wires going through the motor? What is with durability?
  • no wires are sheilded no errors just a pain to hook up!
  • Haha, thanks AOPEN3434. I am put one on yaw axis and think put on roll and pitch axis also.
  • I'm not sure there's much point in them unless you are going to get radical with your gimbal. I use one on the yaw axis as I have joystick, monitor and motor to connect so there's not enough room through the motor shaft.
    I don't seem to get errors or have any other problems.
    they do take some fine soldering though.

  • Guys, are you really using rotation more than 360 degrees?
  • MShekunov, good question, but it is more about that I do not have to worry about wires when I transport or put gimbal in case. I have slip ring on yaw and work good, but think about put on other two axes. Major problem (if is) is IMU wire which hang from frame IMU to camera IMU. That not look good and always must care about hanging wire.
  • Better just protect the wire, Slip rings can work for a while, but they for sure wear.
  • If it is unlimited continuous 360 degree rotation, the slip ring is the best choice.
    This company have this: http://www.arslipring.com
  • Forgive the forum res! Though I think activity is a little slower here so... *throws hands up*

    Curious if there were any other opinions on this? Have been searching like crazy (thanks, Google) and this is still one of the only threads that tackles this topic. This post - https://powerbyproxi.com/slip-ring/ - is probably the only other resource I could find, but it doesn't really address a specific use re: gimbals etc. Thanks in advance!
  • That is a good generic writeup of slip rings.

    My thinking is. These are brushes gimbals and that is great, no prushes that wear over time and cause problems, so why add brushes in form of slip rings, unless you really have to have 360 rotation.
  • Good point! Thanks for the reply :) Wireless can't come soon enough, it seems :P Though I wonder how that would work in this scenario.
  • If you put battery and RC receiver and AV transmitter below yaw, yaw will have free rotation and no sliprings needed :)

    Other axis really rarely need free 360 and more rotation....
  • I agree, that is the best approach if you really need 360 on yaw.
  • That's a great idea - thanks!