2 pitch Motors in alexmos 32bit
  • Hello,

    I had an 8bit board with the same motors and it worked fine.
    Know, with the 32bit board, when i connect the two motores the pitch motores are a litle crazy.
    When i connect them individualy, they work fine (in the diferent connectors - i have 2)

    With the two motors connected, i already swap one cable motor to see if they were working for the same side, and is 5 times worse.

    Does the board have enough power for them connected in the same place?

    Batery 4s 5000mha
    Two Motors - 8108-90t
  • you need to start tuning from scratch your old PID's will not work
  • I have the same problem. I´m on the way to build a two pitch motors gimbal. But I runn in some problems. First the motors works against each other. So I change the connector direction from one of the motors. Than the motors works syncron, but it seems to be a problem that the motors build a overvoltage from time to time and than the gimbal makes a short "click" you can hear, feel and worst of all see in the picture. The "click" comes from all motors. If I connect only one pitch motor everything works well.
    Is there a special board to use the BGC with two pitch motors?
  • NO special board ! BUT hiy voltage 32bit boards are better for large motors , trouble shoot by only having one tilt motor attached at a time get it working for left motor then disconnect left and connect the right motor get that side working then connect both parallel to each on the tilt port. make sure you place wire connections the same orientation you had them in when they were working.
  • Hi Experts,
    I have a 32 bit alexmos controller which needs to be connected to 4 motors. (ie. 1 Yaw - 8108-90T(36N/42P) , 1 Roll - 8108-90T(36N/42P) , and 2 Pitch - 5208-180T)
    On the 32 bit controller I have only 3 input slots for the motors.
    This is what I have -


    Please help me configure all the 4 inputs to the controller.


  • I do not quite get why use to motors on Pitch, it typically needs less power than roll, but any case less power than yaw.

    If two motors are used, they need to be synchronized. to do this it much be possible to rotate one of to motors amount of one pole.
  • I have the same problem. I tuned the motors individually and then connected then to the board. It seems that the motors have a good hold at some point, but when tilted a bit up or down it does not hold at all.. I have tried to turn one motor to another position but that just moved the problem to another spot. Any thoughts?
  • Sounds like you have a bad motor