• RMotion - Is the application for remote scripting control of the gimbal. Based on Basecam (Alexmos) controllers. RMotion uses own scripting language based on the JSON syntax. The application is under development and is not a commercial.

  • New build 41 released

    1) Bug fix
    2) Added battery monitor
    3) Added progress run
    4) Added script templates wizard
    5) Added RC_MODE control
    6) Added English manual
  • Can you please explain how to connect xbee or 3dr to Alexmos?
    Thank you.
  • Do you heve serial pinout on Alexmos? If yes, then you need to connect pin in the following order:
    xbee/3dr/apc -> Alexmos
    GNG - GND
    5V - 5V
    TX - RX
    RX - TX
    On some versions of the board there is no voltage on 5V pin, in this case it is necessary to solder 2 pads
  • Beautiful app. love it.
  • is it working with v2.41 b4 ?
  • Not tested yet with this version
  • will you make the new version witch is working with lastest version alexmos ?
    That will be awesome..
  • it will be soon
  • Thank you Razek..
  • This app is very cool, just tested the included movements but i cant figure out where can i connect the camera trigger in alexmos board.
    I use a nex5 and i have a board that triggers the camera using a rc channel.
    Can anyone shed some light?
  • Mine is this one:http://www.flyingtech.co.uk/fpv-camera-gimbals/sony-nex-mini-hdmi-av-converter
    But i think they are almost the same. Mine also have AV out.
    I already tested it with rc and if we assign a channel to it in the middle it stops, max channel and triggers pics, min channel and records video.
    I tested it with alexmos assigning "no input" in RcRoll channel in alexmos gui. And connecting only GND and Signal from RcRoll in alexmos board to the above shutter trigger in my link.
  • In 2.42b6 and Rmotion 1.0 b42 (which i am preparing), You can use PWM command for triggering camera with devices like link above. In previous versions of the firmware and the board may only use the trigger that takes a logical 0 or 1 (DSLR and GoPro 1/2)

  • That is awsome. Looking forward to it. From what i experimented so far its working well. I am trying to make something from scratch with that code for timelapse movements. Thanks
  • Just realized you mention v2.42b6. My alexmos board is a 8bits one, will your Rmotion 1.0 b42 work with 8bits boards?
    Thank you
  • Yes it will be work, but features of 32-bit will not supported
  • Requires a person with a 32bit controller, camera Sony Nex and RC shutter trigger for it. For testing new version.
  • i can help you
  • I try with bluetooth and I fail. I bought 3DR robotics Radio Modem for comunication TTL, but I don't know how to setup the parameters. Can someone help me ? Link to setup 3DR for Rmotion?
  • Hi megaPRO,

    FIrst of all you'll have to check the baudrate of your 3dr robotics : download the 3dr configurator (works on Win8) plug the ground module( the usb one) and execute the configurator.By default, the 3dr module are configured with a baudrate of 57600. I've changed the baudrate to 115200.
    You'll have to do the same with the air module (I wire it to an arduino or to an ftdi adapter so i can configure it with the 3dr configurator as this module comes with no usb).Baudrate must be the same on the two modules.
    Plug the air module in the alex mos board (gnd to gnd, vcc to vcc, tx to rx and rx to tx) where you plugged the bluetooth module.
    In the RMotion app, go under settings, change the com port to match your 3dr usb module com port and change the baudrate to match the one you'ev entered in the 3dr configurator (115200).

    Hope it help !
  • New version available v1.1 Build 44

    Whats new:
    1) Full support for 32-bit controllers (see support.txt)
    2) Support bluetooth connection
    3) Connection Optimization
    4) Added actions "pwm" and "pwmshutter" for control servos and IR-triggers (see: RC shutter.gas)
    5) Added actions "playsound" and "stopsound" for event notifications without visual control of runtime
    6) Added action "invertvalue"
    7) Notification of new versions
    8) Optimizing panoramic script. Now shooting goes even faster
    9) Added a new script for shooting panoramas with GoPro (GoProPano.gas Shooting 110 seconds to 360 degree panorama)
    10) Bug fix

    Downloads: https://sites.google.com/site/rmotiongmb/download
  • dear sir
    honest greeting and great respect

    I'm Aal
    I'm very impressed about your project and i will do my best to support your great work
    I'm working on gimbal control software project using your Rmaotion software
    i need to convert my code(FROM WINXP) to run on Linux because the (BaseCam Simple BGC 32 bit AlexMos Gimbal Brushless Controller) connected to serial on( http://radxa.com device) or Raspberry pi so pleas advice me if :

    1-is there is any specified basecam model you recommended automation control ?if yes pleas send me a link

    2-any compiler to convert the cod to the Linux environment or any converter for direct USB-serial output command from computer

  • hi,
    when i use rc modem there is message display that say no response from controller. I am sure that ground and air module are binded.
    thanks in advance.
  • What is FW version of controller?
  • Thanks Razek i have figured out. I did not cross tx and rx that was my fault.
    All the best.
  • Is it possible to bypass the RF connection in lieu of the bluetooth? e.g. can I use my iphone's bluetooth to connect?
  • Good afternoon. The problem with the connection to the 8 bit controller to version 44. The application states that the controller does not respond. In version 41 it works
  • For the shutter trigger using pwm do you hook the shutter trigger to GDN, power and signal? Or just ground and signal? Anything special you need to do in GUI. Have trigger on fc_roll everything works for movement can't get the device to trigger.
  • Возможно ли сделать тоже самое , только управление с arduino? Может кто делал, нужно чтобы панорамы делать.