Changing profiles during flight
  • I have my CMD switch set to cycle through my 3 profiles. All 3 profiles are duplicates of each other with the exception of one or 2 things...

    Profile 1 - Follow mode disabled (lock mode)
    Profile 2 - Follow Yaw enabled (silent mode)
    Profile 3 - Follow Yaw enabled, PWM low frequency (noisy mode)

    When I cycle through the profiles, the camera moves to different center points...BUT...when I switch it to profile 1, it goes back to the exact position it was in on start up.

    I want to change this. I want the profiles to only affect the way the gimbal reacts from its current position, and profile 1 to adopt the current position and not just the first position that it was in on start up. I want to be able to roll video while switching profiles without the camera jumping positions.

    How can I do this?
  • I would be very interested to know also. I use now 2.4b7-8bit

    I have:

    Profile 1 normal mode (i.e. no follow mode)
    profile 2 Follow mode, all axes
    Profile 3 Normal mode with FC connected for stabilising the gimbal.


    1. Some times when I enter Follow mode roll goes to 20 to 45 degrees, no consistency, usually it is ok and stays within +- 5 degrees, but almost never exactly same as in previous mode.

    2. If the gimbal starts shaking and rolling on 'normal mode' (after extreme moves) and enter 'normal mode with FC' it is stabilised immediately. If going back directly to 'normal mode' it starts shaking again, but if I set it first briefly to 'Follow mode' and then to 'normal mode' it is ok?

    It is like adding FC to 'normal mode' forces it to stabile, but does not actually stabilise it and some values are reseted when going to 'follow mode' and this then removes the cause of the shaking.

    Why not always reset the parameters between modes?
    (except Pitch, Roll and Yaw that should stay the same)

  • I should have specified my version is 2.3b5. The gimbal worked the way that I wanted it out of the box, but somewhere along the way I must've clicked something that changed it. I just don't know what.
  • None of the gurus know how to do this?
  • I have the CMD switch configured to change profiles, but how does one connect the RC receiver cable to the 32 bit 3 axis board? Do I connect to the aux1 2 or 3 pins or somewhere else?
  • Connect to any PWM input and configure on the GUI. Here is the connection diagram http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2123657
  • Garug....
    Yes.... I have since thought that might be the case..... but since I already used up all PWM inputs including external FC gimbal roll and pitch inputs I was hoping there would be another PWM input option for CMD so that I could utilize all these functions at the same time....

  • As far as I know there is only those 5 PWM inputs. The Aux channels are marked as output, I do not know what they are for. You could use PPM input directly if your receiver supports it or via a PWM to PPM converter.

    You could also connect a relay to button as done here. http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showpost.php?p=28990748&postcount=835
  • Thanks again Garug..... enjoyed your RCGroups postings/article etc.
    I have a spare Pololu PWM switch which could work possibly without wetting the output to the BGC without need of 5VDC... I would assume. https://solarbotics.com/product/17677/

    However I think I might just forfeit the FC pitch and roll outputs if they all provide minimal or no significant BGC stability improvement for my aerial camera.