Yaw unstable only in Aerial Follow Mode
  • My 3 axis 32 bit BGC works extremely well on all 3 axes in the regular heading mode on my MR even when I activate RC remote control of pitch and yaw.

    But the Yaw only follow mode is giving me a lot of grief. It seems to work when the flight is smooth and gentle but it does not take much for the camera to fall away from follow mode and go random on me in the yaw axis. I am using the latest firmware. Anyone here have any suggestions on how to fix this?
  • More info: My camera and BGC system is mounted on the Cinestar tripod landing gear assembly that must all rotate together. Since the tripod landing gear adds a lot of angular momentum I upsized the Yaw motor to an iPower GMB4008 150T 22 pole motor.
    Very high motor power and Power + values were loaded for the normal "heading" mode but do not seem to work well for the "follow mode".........

    Hoping someone here can help me with this.