FC wiring to FC roll and FC pitch
  • Do I need to connect all three servo wires for each of the two channels, i.e., pitch and roll? I tried it and it seemed to work except that the FC also sends in 5 VDC to the BGC. Then I tried it again with the red power leads connected and I no longer get real time data appearing live in the real time data tab under Basic Settings.
  • You should not connect the + 5V wire. Only ground and signal is needed.
  • If you have a common ground in your system, that is powering all from one battery, you only need to connect one wire from FC to the gimbal board, the signal one.
  • Thanks all.... power lead removed so that BGC does not have input power from multiple sources.
    All is working now. But I want to make use of RC Rx channel 5 to drive the BGC "cmd" so that I can changes profiles while in flight. But the aux inputs have no dedicated ground return. Do I connect the RC Rx return wire to another BGC ground point?