Pitch control on Alexmos board
  • I need help setting up the pitch control on my gimbal. It's the DYS NEX 3 axis gimbal with Alexmos board. I'm running Naza V2 with Futaba 14sg. I've read that one signal wire from the boards FC Pitch pin should run to F1 on the Naza. Is that correct? What am I missing?
  • "What am I missing?" Configuration and possibly GND pin. Would be good to connect signal and GND, but not +5V.

    You need to configure your transmitter (on transmitter menu) to send the signal on cannel that Naza F1 is connected to, The F1 needs to be configured (on NAZA SW) to output the signal from transmitter directly and BaceCam board needs to be configured (on GUI) to receive it on the Pitch channel and you need also configure the Pitch limits, operation mode (speed/angle) and speed.
  • Try connecting your Futaba 14SG receiver to a couple of standard RC servos and prove that works first. The rest is much simpler after completing this initial step.