No pitch controll via FC from RC
  • I have installed a APM 2.5 and connected a 8bit board BGC (Software Version 2.30b5) on the APM CH10 (pitch) and CH11 (roll).
    In the BGC GUI "REAL TIME DATA" I can see that EXT_FC_ROLL and EXT_FC_PITCH getting the PWM from the APM. At the APM I use the RC CH6 for active pitch manipulation and it goes out on CH10.
    If I change the CH6 PWM on my RC I can see that on the BGC GUI in the "REAL TIME DATA", but the pitch will not turn.

    Under RC SETTINGS I have LPF and SPEED tested from 1 to 15 and ANGLE MODE is active.

    Dose anyone have a idea why the pitch will not turn?
  • You should set it up for Pitch, not FC-pitch
  • So pitch is not possible in combination with the FC?
  • Normally you can use any input, but on GUI you have to select the input for PITCH, not for FC_PITCH.
  • Hm..
    I try to use the PTICH with the EXT_PITCH-PWM comming from the FC, but it dose not work. Now I have the PITCH on RC_PITCH-PWM direct from the RC reciver and it works.

    Thank you for your help :-)