Gimbal axis order
  • Is it important that the gimbal be made so that the order of rotation, starting from the camera is pitch, then roll, then yaw? That seems to be how most of them that I've seen in pictures are built. I am working on a system that I would like to be able to configure as either two axis or three axis where the two axis system has only yaw and pitch, for a system that includes roll I want to put it "on the camera" and replace the camera in the two axis system with the camera and roll control assembly. In this case the axis order (again starting from the camera) is roll->pitch->yaw (instead of pitch->roll->yaw).

    The reason I ask is that my system, laid out roll->pitch->yaw) does not "work". The system is stable for small frame angles, but when the frame is rotated near 90 degrees in any direction the gimbal goes "unstable". What I was expecting is that the system would be stable through full 360 degree frame rotation in any (all) direction(s).

    I don't know if the problem is the "axis order" or if I just have something set wrong. The PID / Power settings seem to be fine, because it works fine for "small" frame angle rotations (less than 45 degrees). Note, my current sensor orientation setting is Z up X right, which give the "correct" behavior (as described in the manual) for the "action" of the "arrows" in the control panel.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  • I would hope too that the axis order could be specified in GUI or the gimbal would just recognise in what order it is when started up.

    Currently I think the gimbal needs to be in the Pitch, Roll, Yaw order when started, but after can be moved to different oder like I do in this video.

    It is the same when entering follow mode, the gimbal needs to be Pitch, Roll, Yaw order when entering the follow mode, but can be changed with joystick to Pitch, Yaw, Roll after.

    How ever I thin roll->pitch->yaw does not work currently.

    But I have tried only with 8 bit. maybe 32 bit with 2 IMUs will solve this problem?
  • Would realy like to see a solution to this aswell.
    My current n5 gimbal build is setup with pitch/yaw/roll and i would realy like to use it as is withouth having to rebuild it.

  • I dont know what controller this gimbal uses but as you can see. the axis order is what i have, and it starts upp as it should. So there should be an option to select the axis order for uss sbgc users aswell please.
  • Currently with 32 bit board and 2 IMUs I can start the gimbal roll motor pointing down, i.e acting as Yaw motor. I guess roll motor pointing up at the start would work too if configures for that kind of operation.
  • So no hope for 8bit users ? :\
  • I have noticed that the dys smart gimbal aswell can have the axis orders mixed upp.
    As far as i know this is a 8bit design board. So what is so special about it that makes this possible?

  • Nice setup on the video and it has gimbal lift up too (but no vibration dampening?)
  • no vibration dampening, but that i assume is only a prototype.
  • I have the first motor for ROLL and the second for PITCH. I made this because of following reasons: the PITCH motor is left/right of the camera, so it is possible to use a bearing on the opposite side. The ROLL motor is behind the camera, I can not use a bearing in front of the lens. This means: if the ROLL motor is the second motor, it has to carry the camera and the PITCH motor alone. If the ROLL motor is the first motor, it has only to carry the camera, and the PITCH motor gets only the half load because the bearing carries the other half load.
  • Hi Plenz,
    I am new to the forum and mainly try to read and learn a lot from here. I have the same DYS gimbal with a gopro also upside down but I could not adjust the PID setting so smoothly. Maybe I just didn´t have enough patience but, could you tell me your PID settings?
    I have my gorpo mounted under my hexa.