Need some help with my first Red Gimbal
  • Hello All!
    I'm very anxious and exited to enter the world of the 3 axis gimbal! But before doing it, I like to do a lot of research, and I would appreciate if you could help me with some issues.

    I need to buy a carbon fiber gimbal frames that holds hell the Red Scarlet. I saw a bunch on ebay that it states to hold the Red epic, but when I look at the picture is the same one of the DSLR's. Is there a model that is more suitable for the Red? I found the one they are selling at the famoushobby very nice, but they only sell it with the motors and I want to but the motors separately. So, my question is, where could I buy the gimbal for red (with ou the motors) for a good price?

    Talking about the motors. I found an IPower 8028-90T that some places say it could support a camera until 6K. I looked on the forums and I never saw anyone talking about that. Would that be a good option? If i put 2 motors for pitch (one on each side of the camera) would that make the gimbal capable of supporting more weight? Is it possible to do it? The strongest motor should go for the pitch right? Or should I use the same motor for the roll and Yaw also?

    Does it make sense to build the gimbal with a second sensor? Does it really make the stabilization better?

    Forth and last:
    Batteries: if I'm using these motors, should I go for a S6? Would a s5 or S4 hold it? What would be a good brand?

    I know that it is a lot of question, sorry. But I would appreciate if you guys could help me with that.

    Thank you so much,