LeViteZer Gimbal test videos.
  • In this video I used multiple shots at the gimbal BaseCam 32 bit.l firmware, 2.50b4

  • Hi Josemari,

    That looks like a well working gimbal and nice result at the end of the video.

    One comment about IMU calibration. If you use the temperature calibration, then it would be good to do the calibration in different temperatures as per users manual.
  • Many democracies gurug, this latest technology is costing me assimilate, I moved slowly, I have seen some video of you and see you have a very high skill in the art. I spent very little the board 32 bit ago, I now order one for multicoptero a gimbal tarot have comvertido 2D to 3D, I'm trying to tune it, you could tell your experiences with the pid FOLLOW panel.

    Thank you very much, Greetings
  • Algunos fragmentos del anterior tablero de 8 bit

  • Some fragments of the previous board of 8 bit
  • Hi Josemari,

    Your videos are certainly looking good also the aerial videos with 8 bit board.

    I am not sure what exactly you would like to know of the follow settings. I am using a potentiometer on Yaw to help centre the gimbal and yaw is controlled with multicopter yaw. With potentiometer I do not normally use the follow settings but tune the RC parameters to archive the wanted Follow effect.

    This kind of setup is good for one man operation. If there is a separate camera operator, then I would probably use normal Follow settings without potentiometer. Just set it slow enough and use expo, speed, deadband, LPF and acceleration to archive the wanted effect.

    It requires experimenting and depends of the focal length etc. With 32 bit board many of the parameters can be controlled via RC, it is really useful.
  • Garug thank you very much, I will continue experimenting got the maximum stabilization.

  • One day trip to Stockholm, decided to take the light weight LeViteZer gimbal for GH4 with me...

  • A day in Helsinki taken with the light weight LeViteZer gimbal for GH4

  • We where visiting Helsinki and I had my small LeViteZer gimbal for GH4 with me. Something nice is always happening at Helsinki during the summer, this time Nelly Eleonore at Sun Roba 2015

  • A waterproof encoder gimbal for the GoPro. Here are the result of first test flights. I could not be happier about the result.

    More about the gimbal in here http://www.levitezer.com/styled-2/blog-2/index.html
  • Thanks.
  • Testing the waterproof gimbal on gusty winds

    And the sunset from last night

  • Testing LeViteZer gimbal with 2.55b8. the RC control feels great. effective focal lenght is 340 mm and cropped on some parts of the video up to 700 mm. Handheld and controlled with joystick.

  • LeViteZer gimbal prototype for BMMCC has existed already long time, only the BMMCC is missing. So far it has been tested with WMCC, a wooden mock-up of the BMMCC, today finally decided it is time to test it with real camera* and here is the result.

    The LeViteZer BMMCC gimbal was first developed as an aerial gimbal specially designed for BMMCC. Soon it became evident that it will have also much other use. The gimbal will of course take also BMMSC.

    This gimbal is with encoders and latest additions on Basecam FW. The Basecam FW is truly getting excellent.

    *The real camera is unfortunately not BMMCC, still waiting for it, the video is taken with GoPro attached as lens for the WMCC so about same weight and balance as BMMCC+ small lens.
  • A collection of LeViteZer Gimbal for BMMCC test shots.

    This is everything, thanks for the music Josh Woodward

  • Two days of SLUSH 2015 in 4 minutes, just some random clips.

    The small LeViteZer gimbal for GH4 is pretty handy for this kind of events.
  • LeViteZer Gimbal demo reel 2015

    Collection of shots made when testing LeViteZer gimbal 2015. Camera is GH4 or GoPro. GoPro will be replaced with Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera as soon as it is available, The LeViteZer gimbal used on the bicycle and ATV shots is designed for BMMCC.

    More about LeViteZer gimbals http://levitezer.com/styled-2/blog-2/index.html
  • Good work! Most of the shots are so smooth and stable!
  • Thanks,

    My walking shows badly, I just can not move steadily. :)
  • Yeah, it's really difficult, one needs a lot of practice to do that... Or we could just create a gimbal with another axis, maybe. :D
  • It has been snowing very wet snow for couple of days. Heavy for the trees, they bend over roads, electric wires etc. Just spend a day without electricity, a good opportunity for an exceptional ride.

  • LeViteZer X8 is a powerful foldable X8 for easy transport. The one on this video is with T-Motor U5 motors and 16" propellers, a 6S setup. If you are interested of this frame contact www.levitezer.com also custom sizes are possible.

  • Gimbal tuning videos, I hope you find them helpful.

  • Very Helpful! Thanks for taking the time to make these will definately help me! Can't wait for the rest of the videos!


  • Thanks Matt, good to hear.
  • Effectively 690 mm handheld with a small non encoder gimbal. :)

    I think This handheld will get encoders. Now the wind is shaking the camera, some more power would be useful

    The gimbal is this one http://www.levitezer.com/styled-2/blog-2/index.html
  • Testing remote controller for BMMCC

    And gimbal

  • Garug, I would just like to thank you for taking the time to publish these videos and to help others, your gimbals are a work of art!!

    p.s. it would be awesome to see the footage from the actual camera, on the boat, un-proccessed to see how stable it was :)


  • here is first video made with it, directly from camera, just exposure corrected.


    and the making of :D

  • Couple of more videos

    Deauville (just exposure/colors corrected)

    Bretagne (just exposure/colors corrected)

    Returning home (This one has noise reduction and on some shots FCP X mild inertia cam to reduce by air turbulence caused shakes at long focal length)

    And if you are really interested, a boring video directly from the camera, just exposure corrected.

    Most shots where badly underexposed, so there is some noise after raising the exposure on editing. This is user error, not the camera. There was plenty of light, I was using ND filter. We had just woken up and decided to take some shots when the ship is arriving, and had to hurry for the car, I was not at my sharpest ;)
  • Practising some pretty special moves with the LeViteZer CYRP45 gimbal. More about the gimbal at http://www.levitezer.com/blog/files/b853ab7f0df3313cb44584e8069fe25a-28.html

  • Hi Garug, I very like your idea to place gimbal on the boom. Could you please explain what is the benefit of placing the axis in Camera-Yaw-Roll-Pitch order ? Is the calibration different ?
  • Boom installation is not quite as easy and simple as it might sound, but you probably can archive pretty good results just installing a normal gimbal to a boom.

    The LeViteZer CYRP45 is a very special and unique gimbal, one of the kind and LeViteZer design. It is not only the visible mechanical construction, but pretty special setup too, result of one year development. I am searching for funding to make it available on bigger quantities, currently available only as custom build. If you are interested contact http://www.levitezer.com/styled/ (Kim)

    It is not only a gimbal but also a joystick controller for the camera and gimbal and everything powered from a single V-Loc battery.

    The benefice it provides over any other configuration is that it is possible to move it pretty freely avoiding gimbal lock. What other gimbal could do these moves?

  • Thanks Garug, I'll contact you definitely to discuss posibilities of making custom build. Meantime I am trying to adopt my existing gimbal to the boom just to get the idea of the movement , possibility to put it on steadicam arm, etc. Operating the rig looks very promising so far, however usual construction with CPRY axis order hanging on the boom proved itself very uncomfortable and hard to operate. It would by much more comfortable to operate the rig with CPYR axis. I wander if it's possible to get it work, calibrate, etc.?
  • I am working to make a product of the LeViteZer CYRP45, so not really interested to provide support for others to build that setup.

    Here is something else I am working to make a product also, LeViteZer 360, and a bit different 360 view ;)

  • Airborne Viking, just fo fun if your brain can take it 8)

  • Testing LeVIteZer 360 Pro with Nokia OZO

  • The LeViteZer 360 Compact

  • Uhh either there are large blank spaces in every post or there are videos I cant see... either way I would love to actually be able to use this site and actually see some examples on how to integrate this into my current system....