ARMBGC Terrible Customer Service
  • I'm not going to go into too many detail and relive the experiences I've had with this company, but suffice to say I've dealt with them for the better part of a year and have had few, if any, positive experiences. I understand small business. I understand being in a remote location. I understand language barriers. I've remained silent on this subject for quite some time out of respect for these factors they have to endure. I've had to resort to threatening this type of forum message in order to get responses from them. I've always held off because I'd like to give them the benefit of the doubt, but I don't want anyone else to have to go through the frustration and headaches I've gone through.

    Each time I deal with them I'm shocked by the poor customer service. Days or weeks go by with no response to emails. Often there is never a response. Shipping time is terrible (although I understand they're located far from me, I have had faster shipping from further and more remote locations). Orders are certainly not shipped out immediately. Count on a least a week (more likely 2 weeks) before the shipment leaves their location, and if you need your parts quickly I would definitely NOT order from them. If something is wrong with your product they will automatically revert to "it's not our fault" mode. It seems their only responsibility is to take your money. Everything after that is a burden to them, and no amount of asking or pleading will speed up the process.

    Parts have been non-functioning. They say they're available for skype support, but don't count on it, and certainly don't count on it being prompt. Its unfortunate. In my experience I have not seen anything but disrespect. If you know the feeling of blood boiling, you'll understand how I've felt on countless times with this company. I don't know who owns this company, but it sure feels like I'm dealing with an immature child on the other end, and certainly not a thoughtful professional.

    Note: I do not work for or own a competitive company. However, the fact that ARMBGC can exist as a company with the absolute worst customer service and attitude towards customers inspires me to start a company and go into competition with them. If they can make a go of it, certainly anyone can.
  • I still have not received my order even though I paid an extra $60.00 for expedited shipping.
    Several week ago I asked which carrier you used… I received no answer.
    You sent me an invite to review what I purchased. At which time I told you I never received them yet and to please send a copy of the shipping label… Again no response.

    From other posts I have seen about you poor customer service, I understand you absolve yourself from any responsibility or effort to help customers with lost purchases. So I thought I would share an example of why a company like Amazon is kicking everyones ass with cutover service. You might want to study and learn something from this example.

    Today, March 24th at 7:55 am, I sent a notice to Amazon that my package had not arrived as expected. At 7:59 am I received this response below;


    I'm extremely sorry to hear that you didn't receive the item " Interfit INT308 C-Stand with Boom Arm ". We try our level best to provide convenient and stress free shopping to our customers but in this case we haven't met the standard, please accept my sincere apologies for this.

    I checked your order and I'm afraid that it may have been lost in transit. I completely understand your disappointment. That's definitely not what we want our customers to experience.

    So, I've created a replacement for you at no additional charge. Here are the details:

    Order Number: 115-8144327-8968259
    Shipping Speed: One-Day Shipping
    Guaranteed Delivery Date: Tuesday, March 25, 2014

    I hope this helps. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

    Best regards,
    Bishnu L

    So, I am requesting again, please send a copt of the shipping label so I can track down my own package.

    Steve North
  • Hello,
    what is the point of you posting this crap on the sight? shipments get lost very often sorry to here it happen to you. what is the point of you posting this here?? if you not happy with there service do not shop with them. there are hundreds of people with good shopping experience with armBCG.com . amazon does not produce any thing parasitic company lives off other company's Amazon is a payment gate way and drop shipper. they have no over head large profits so they can give you stuff for free . plan is to put the small guys out of business the ever one will get poor CS. ARM bgc is manufacture, you will expect the same experience when buying directly from NIKE 1 pair of shoes. they do not care if your happy or not one sale of 1 item is joke to them.
  • Same here. Worst Support. No answered Mail. Shipping Duration forever...
  • What I respect most is that individuals of a professional mind set will take the time to read the material 2 or more times, struggle thru it to get familiar with it, troubleshoot and then.... when all due diligence fails..... start to post for support.

    Starting with a heading suggesting terrible customer service suggest one has bought in to a technology that is way beyond their intellectual capability and nothing more.
  • Hello my controller ARMBGC V4,5 32bit board i try update my board but after manual update controller not connected to GUI i try recover but after installation i disconnect USB connect again but controller not connect to imu
    i see massage BOARD version-3.0 Firmware -0.00 b0
    what is this problem and haw fix board