Dual tilt motor wiring?
  • Wondering about the wiring for larger gimbal rigs with dual tilt motors, do you just wire them together and reverse polarity one?
    Or is there a better way of doing that as obviously the board only has a single output (i.e. single direction) for tilt
  • I'm talking about a camera gimbal application where i have two tilt motors on opposite sides of the camera so simply wiring them up the same wont work or they will fight each other, One needs to run in the opposite direction. So just flipping in the menu wont help here
  • Hello,

    Sounds like you wire the motors wrong. Switch the tow outer wires of one motor until it spins in the same direction as the other motor. for example right tilt motor wire 1, 2,3 connected to tilt motor port on the controller pins 1,2,3 the second motor will be connected to the same port 3,2,1. Hope you understand I am saying?

    If the two motors are not registered to be lined up on the poles…

    The solution is to move one motor to an extreme position AND THEN plug in the other, therefore aligning the poles better.

  • ok thanks !
  • I use a Y lead. But first connect one of them and see which way it turns. Then the same with just the other (which is mounted the opposite way). If needed reverse the polarity to change the direction in which it turns. After they are turning the same direction just use the Y lead and use them as if they were one.