Can Modules do not provide more than 20% power to motors
  • Hey fellow basecam folks,

    we are building a gimbal system with GB85-1 motors, and they are rated for 6S and have an internal resistance of 13.8 Ohm.

    so in theory we should be able to get 1.7 Ampere through them if we max out everything.
    The thing is: we can't. We operate the following Gimbal setup on a laboratory power source and can track the needed current live:

    Basecam gimbal controller: SimpleBGC 32bit Extended 2-IMU Set
    Basecam CAN modules
    Encoders on the axis
    CAN IMU on the camera.

    whatever simplebgc setting we choose, we are not able to draw more than 0.3 Ampere per motor. The whole system maxes out at 0.9 Ampere. CAN module "max power" rating is at 255 as well as Hardware max power rating.

    We autotuned everything, and the gimbal system runs pretty smooth, but we want to reduce the response time even further. So mechanically we either could reduce angular momentum by shrinking our camera payload OR have more torque on the motors. We assumed that we could have more torque on the motors if they would be run with more ampere :)

    is that something someone could help with?
    best regards

  • Nevermind i figured it out.

    and will give you the details of course ! ;)

    it looks like the voltage sag compensation actually not only increases ampere for the motors if the voltage drops below the set voltage value but also DECREASES the ampere to the motors if the actual voltage is ABOVE the voltage sag compensation value set.

    i found out that i had configured 12V in the voltage sag compensation value while using 24V motors. so simpleBGC did cut down my motor power by 50% (or more).

    maybe that's a bug
    maybe that's a feature

    but it is definitely not documented anywhere :)