Software limits for the angles between the frame and the camera platform
  • Hi guys,
    I was wondering if there was an option in the software that I could set so that the platform on which the camera is installed can only reach an angle between a max and min angle. I need this because I have a sort of enclosure in front of my camera and it can only do about 45 degrees on each side for both roll and pitch.
    I have an Arduino that sends a target angle for the gimbal, and I can set some limits from that part of the software, but those are valid only if my frame is always in the neutral position. If, for example, I tilt it on one side by 10 degrees, my Arduino won't be able to account for that and my camera will hit the frame on one side.
    I searched the GUI forever and found nothing useful for this purpose, if any of you have a solution I would be grateful.
    Thanks in advance, Andrea.
  • Guys, does anyone have any idea on how to solve this?
  • Okay so I found a solution, it may be obvious to some people reading this comment, but it may help those that are in the same situation as I once was. To implement limits on the angles that your camera can reach, you have to use encoders, once you are sure that they work properly, you have to calibrate the electric field first and then the offsets of the encoders. Once you calibrate these values you can input the limits you want for your angles in the section just below the one for the calibration. If you have done everything correctly now the limits should work properly
  • Thank you for your experience! Hopefully, someone else will also use this knowledge