BGC AlexMos can't read encoder AS5048 only for ROLL axis
  • Hello everyone
    I got stuck seriously and ask for advice. For 3 days I've tried to figure out what is going wrong with my encoders. I use an alternative(?) board BGC AlexMos Extended Encoder Version, compatibile with 2.63 b0 SimpleBGC software, and two AS5048 encoders for ROLL and PITCH axes configured to PWM. As the Board have no dedicated encoders inputs and slots, they need to be connected to FC_ROLL and FC_PITCH.
    The problem is that Encoder for ROLL most of teh time indicates odd constant values in the Monitor, whereas Pitch encoder works perfectly well! The gauge with gray arrow indicates extreme values that changes only by encoders overflow. Two times, for unknown reason, the ROLL axis started to operate well and the Monitor showed correct ENC_RAW_R reads but after few minutes the gauge indication and the motor started to jitter and all crashed. I double checked PWM signals and they are clean and undisturbed. I tried to swap the encoders to eliminate the possibility of damage and both the encoders work fine only under the pin FC_PITCH.
    In the documentation I found that pin FC_ROLL acts as push-pull output of SPI connection. Is that a clue? So how can I plug in encoders alternatively ?
    One more question: do I need to change input configuration in "RC Settings" Tab or leave them as "no input" ?