Mavlink control mode (GUI v.2.70 b0)
  • Hello!
    is it possible to change the follow yaw speed when the yaw axis is controlling by the flight controller connected via mavlink?
    When I change it in Follow mode tab > Basic settings > SPEED nothing happens.
  • Hello!
    I guess YAW speed should be changed in the flight controller, because it drives the follow mode internally, and sends to a gimbal only the setpoint (speed or angle). Once the flight controller takes the gimbal under control, all regular modes in the gimbal are disabled.
  • I achieved this by changing the speed in RC Settings> Operation mode settings> YAW Speed. I use Pixhawk 4 and ArduCopter 4.0.7, it seems to me that in Mission Planner there is no possibility to set Follow YAW speed.