Upload firmware vis Serial API
  • The serial API has been working very well for us and I was wondering if we could use the serial API command (CMD_BOOT_MODE_3) followed by uploading new firmware. We have remote access (Linux shell) to the systems that are using the board, and being able to flash without the GUI would be very helpful - either from the command line or API.


  • Hello.
    Yes, you can upload firmware. You have to use UART1 port only for that (where USB is connected). Protocol for the bootloader is common for all STM32 MCUs. There are open-source utilities like stm32ld implementing it.
    But besides flashing, GUI also makes the signed request and sends it to our server, to get a signed firmware
  • We would also like to automate firmware upgrades. Is there a practical way to obtain the signed firmware and store it locally so our automated tools can perform the upgrades?
  • Yes, it's possible. I will send you manual describing server protocol for that.
  • @jdebrosse do you have a code for this? I have been trying to get IMU_Angles with the API and I am unable to get them. I am new to embedded so I am probably missing something but I have been trying for a while.