Is it possible to park camera at 90 degrees?
  • We are integrating a BGCExtended pitch/roll gimbal with encoders in an unattended platform.
    We want to have 3 modes of operation: working, parking 1, parking 2

    The three positions are depicted here https://imgur.com/a/hKCbPXR

    Picture 1: working position. The camera points down
    Picture 2: parking position 1. The camera pitches up and looks forward
    Picture 3: parking position 2. Starting from parking position 1, rotate camera 180 deg around roll axis.

    As we know, pitching the camera 90degrees up or down puts the system in gimbal lock.
    However, by changing the IMU orientation in the Hardware tab, I can make any of those 3 positions be the neutral position for the gimbal. Sadly, the IMU orientation is a global parameter, not affected by the profiles, so we can't switch to those orientations by just switching profiles.

    I can try to use the serial protocol to disable the gimbal, reconfigure the IMU, then enable the gimbal and I'm hoping this would make it go to the desired locations. But I'm wondering if there is an easier way to do this, and what you guys have any better ideas on how to do this.

  • Some ideas:
    -If we could change the "Misalignment correction: angle of rotation over X, Y, Z axis" with values higher than 10 degrees, maybe it would work.

    -If we could make the IMU orientation parameter be part of a profile, it also could work.
  • Yes we want this feature as well. The ability to park the gimbal at fixed axis angles. Seems like this should be possible when using encoders.