Procedure of encoders calibration
  • Hello everyone

    When I press "CALIB. EL. FIELD" the gimbal stars to move in each direction, after the end, EL.FIELD OFFSET values are generated, so I press "CALIB. OFFSET" function and new values are displayed.

    Are there someone who could explain me how the encoders calibration procedure works ? When I press 5 times the function button, my gimbal goes to the home position but i see a little angle of variation on yaw axis and a little angle on roll axis...can I correct it manually ?

  • Hello,

    - "El. field offset" is calibrate to let motor work (i,e, produce torque by command).
    - "Offset" is calibrated to set the "neutral position" relative to other motors (not the home position!).
    - Home position can be set in "Follow" tab.
    - "Go home" command calculates where is "home" as a mix in Euler coordinates (ROLL, PITCH, related to ground) and "home" point for YAW axis relative to motor(s). That is why all motors do not go exactly to their calibrated "home".
  • Thank you so much for this explain, so I need to operate in "Follow" tab...the values of "Home position offset" (roll, pitch, yaw) are zero and I have to change they and than press "auto" button to obtain a perfect home position, that's right ?
  • I have seen a video tutorial of MrChessyCam who shows 2 settings of function button: 4 clicks for "ACC calibrate" and 5 clicks for "Gyro calibrate" while a long press for "home position"...is that a quickly solution to calibrate the initial position when I need to ?
  • I see the angle for the EL.Field offset can be changed. Why is this and what improvement does a bigger angle make for the calibration?