Looking Down
  • We have built a gimbal in the configuration Roll, Pitch, Yaw but cannot get it to look down beyond about 80deg. It just goes haywire if you tilt beyond this. We've ticked the 'Look Down' feature in the GUI but it seems to make no difference. Obviously Roll and Yaw are aligned at 90deg so one of them needs to be switched off. From an operators point of view, Roll would be the best axis to disable. Any ideas anyone?
  • I am having this same issue. I have installed the controller onto a banggood unit that for some reason caught fire... anyway, after much setting up, lots of faffing about with settings I am trying to figure out the same. It just flips out and loses it's mind past 65 degrees down. I've tweaked power settings, adjusted balance. I cannot figure it out. I am using an IMU above YAW and both IMUs are calibrated and seem to be behaving otherwise
  • This is called "gimbal lock problem" when ROLL and YAW motor axes become parallel. This position is correctly handled only in the "encoder" version of firmware (so you need 3 encoders in each motor).
  • Ah right, I see, that makes sense.

    Is there a way to lock the YAW position when entering "Look Down" mode so that it doesn't fight with ROLL? I'm new to this world so apologies if that is a dumb suggestion.

    For context, I'm using a go-pro sized gimbal on a drone. I retrofitted the basecam controller when the original storm32 caught on fire for like.... no reason
  • I found a solution, but there is an issue

    If you set the IMU axis from Z to -X then it rotates to look down and works perfectly now pointing straight down. But I want this only sometimes, so I set it on the second profile but that setting is global and not on a profile by profile basis.

    Damn, so close!