How to tune 2-axis gimbal for correct stabilization?
  • Hello! I need help configuring my gimbal. 2-axis gimbal assembled using SimbleBGC-32bit with SONY 30x zoom camera and used on fixed-wing UAV. At first time, the result seemed good, but when you try to trace the object in the frame gives a not good enough stabilization. Photo of gimbal: https://yadi.sk/i/5P6kHVDYvPaC4Q
    First of all, when pitch is around -45 degrees and yaw is near UAV course gimbal not correcting UAV roll. For this case 3rd axis must be used usually, but if it possible I want to tune my 2-axis gimbal for compensate UAV movements. I think that this could be obtained by the sum of the work of two existing axes. But I could not find a solution for this option and no information about it.