Actual CMD_ERROR(cmdid 255) description skipped in Serial API Description
  • bgc gimbal firmware 2.63 b0
    Try send CMD_AHRS_HELPER via uart 0
    on every sended CMD_AHRS_HELPER, receive CMD_ERROR (cmdId 255)
    example hex payload or
    in description of Serial API (rev 0.29) payload for this cmd:
    ERROR_CODE - 1u
    ERROR_DATA - 4b

    1) why received 6 bytes in payload instead 5 bytes by serial api description?
    2) enum ERROR_CODE and possbile ERROR_DATA for each ERROR_CODE skipped in serial api manual or maybe replaced by system_error_code(described in CMD_REALTIME_DATA_3) ?
    3) SimpleBGC32 gui don't show any error, on receive this cmd, this is correct ?
  • I fix generate cmd CMD_AHRS_HELPER and no more received CMD_ERROR, but questions remained.
  • Hello!

    I advise to upgrade firmware to the latest beta version 2.69b4 and check corresponding Serial API commands. The 2.63 is too outdated so I can't figure out why some strange things happen there.
    Serial API documentation is very well synchronized with the latest version, so it should be much less problems with strange behavior.

    Regards, Aleksey