3 PIN - SPI Encoder (AS5048a)
  • Hi,

    I have a question about how to connect this 3-pin SPI connector correctly (AS5048a), as I seems, it is 3x6 PIN SPI on the logic board so how do I wire it correctly?

    I appreciate all help.


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  • Hello,
    No way, because SPI connectipn type requires 6 wires.
    Likely, on your photo cable from PWM connection type.
    To help you more in detail, please, tell us type of controller used and type of encoder (with photo).
  • Hi, yeah I notice it it's PWN connection (AS5048a encoder), I'm using Basecam Pro board.
  • How do I connect this for the pro board? any help is welcome.
  • @alexmos

    Regarding PWM inputs on pro board for the AS5048a encoder, it says (The "Pro" and "Extended" board versions have dedicated SPI/PWM inputs for the encoders.) in the documentation but I cannot find any information about it, can you point me in right direction, would appreciate it.
  • ah damn it was so hard to notice the small text, thanks :)