How to locate the accelerometer
  • I am trying to find the location of the accelerometer on my Came-TV Argo gimbal. Any ideas?
    I am wanting to do a temperature calibration. Does anyone know of instructions for this that are easier to understand than the basecam user manual. For instance, the instruction tell you to place the accelerometer in a freezer and then thermally insulate it. but then I would assume you then have to attach the thing back into the gimbal to perform the calibration. There is no mention of this and how to mount it correctly one it's covered in plastic foam.
  • Hi,

    You do not need to fix IMU on a gimbal to perform calibration. You need just to connect it by cable to allow to communicate, then start doing calibration. Also you can try to cool down the whole gimbal to the required temperature (in winter it's easier, though).