Fiber Optic Gyro?
  • Hello, I'm building a camera gimbal that will use a Fiber Optic Gyro (FOG) for the IMU. FOGs are awesome!! Best stabilization money can buy. I'm wondering if the SimpleBGC controller can accept position information from the KVH DSP-1760. Do you guys have any thoughts, comments or suggestions? Thanks!
    James Aarestad
    Eagle Eye Photography
  • Hello!

    Regarding electronics, it is not hard to connect this FOG to CAN_IMU module - it has free UART port and can be used as an interface to this gyro. You need to add only RS422-to-TTL converter to get 3.3V logic level on Rx and Tx, and +9V from a separate source (CAN_IMU has +5V option only).

    You can use "Extended", "CAN_MCU" or "Pro" controllers which support CAN_IMU module.

    From the software side, we can discuss adding support of this gyro to our firmware. Write request to our helpdesk if you decide to continue.

    Regards, Aleksey
  • Hi Aleksey! Thank you very much! Thats helps tremendously!
  • What is the price of the DSP-1760?
  • Around $16,000 US
  • Outch.
  • Just buy it, don't think so much ;)
  • Have you end up building it? I am considering this imu as well. Does it really improve stab performance or drift only? Thx
  • I focus on FOG and IMU