dji ronin motors
  • hello all, i biult my firts 1hand gimbal full 3d printed with 3x5108 200t, its capable up to 2kilos but its extremely heavy and the motors are huge!, how can be possible that the new dji ronin s can manage 3kilos with so freaking small motors whitout get hot?
  • Encoder!?
  • 3x5108 200t, its capable of a lot more than 2kg you are under powering the motors !
  • 5108 is not a huge motor :)

    What big motors provide is this kind of control, ability to move the camera fast. For stabilisation only, very small motors are enough when the gimbal is well constructed.
  • my gibmal its 3dprinted, so i can put on too heavycamera, becous the arm are in plastic, so very flaxible...but the question of the tread is....what motors use dji for the ronin s?
  • I am sure they are custom made motors by DJI. If you want well working gimbal, you need to solve the flexing issue.
  • yes im looking for some company that can cnc my 3d models.

    But its not possibile to understand what dji motor size is in those ronin-s gimbal?
  • I can help with that PM me !
  • If you need help with cnc your 3d models aluminum, carbon fiber, steel & other materials.