Controlling directly BLDC motors using standard GUI
  • Hi,

    at our university we are working on a Gimbal designed for a laser scanner used in a road vehicle. We are using AlexMos 2.3B5 for controlling the pitch and roll BLDC motors. However, before we can further work with the project we need to measure parameters of the construction of gimbal. Thus, we need to temporarily be able to directly control torque, force generated by motors, called "power" of motors in GUI. Is it possible to temporarily disable the PID controller and directly control BLDC motors using the standard GUI ?

    Thank you for any hint.
  • It is not clear what you are trying to do. See the Serial API documentation, that might help. You have good control on the gimbal, but it needs to be fully operational.
  • Question: Is it possible to temporarily change the AlexMos 2.3B5 (2.4b8 after firmware update) to a simple "driver of BLDC motors" without any internal controllers. Then, we can send an instantaneous desired power of engine via serial port or RC input. However, such option cannot be found in Serial API documentation.

    Motivation: We would like to do some experiments. We try to check if we have selected BLDC motors with appropriate power, try to measure friction in bearings and try to measure moment of inertia in pitch and roll axis. That's why we need to temporarily change our AlexMos 2.3B5 to simple "driver of BLDC motors" with desired motor power sent via serial port or RC input.
  • Apparently you are using 8 bit board? not sure of that, the newest serial API supports setting Power, but I do not understand based on your description why you want to do that.
  • Yes, thats right, we have an SimpleBGC 8 bit board. As you mentioned there is something about power in the newest serial API. However, I wonder if this the actual power of motor or only a parameter which sets the upper limit of power of motors because it is included in the group of parameters.

    In short: I study electronics, I love dividing devices into pieces, I planned to do it just for fun :) The courses I attend at university are related to mechanical systems, we need to identify model and estimate parameters of our mechanical gimbal in order to further simulate it in modelling software and test with new control algorithms. Thats why, I need the direct access to motors without any additional overhead.
  • Yes, it is just Power max limit. to control the motion, you need to use the speed or angle parameters, but that requires a completely setup gimbal.
  • hello. is it possible to send your code of controlling motors via serial ? because i just have same problem .i want control motors through serial port with arduino .thanks a lot .
  • I know this posting has been around for awhile. I'm looking at approximately the same thing. I want to use OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision) to control a camera on a mobile platform. I'm assuming that I will use the serial port to send override / supplement directional commands in lieu of the joystick. I'm tracking machine processes in a large industrial shop. I do want Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) stability as the camera base is mobile. Which control boards should I be looking at? BaseCam SimpleBGC 32-bit Tiny ? BaseCam SimpleBGC 32-bit ?

    many thanks, Zip.
  • Hello, Zip. SimpleBGC32 Tiny and Regular have similar funcionality excepting the size of motors which they can handle. For small gimbals (smarthones or small mirrorless) Tiny is enough.
    Then you have to communicate with it using Bluetooth EDR / BLE or USB-OTG function, depending on platform.