How can I figure out which side is up for small sensor board?
  • To position the small sensor board under the camera, it has markings for the x, y and z axis. But for me, axis are always been in reference of the observer and I find this a very ambiguous matter.

    Do I assemble in any direction and take care of it only when comes the time to calibrate?

    Do I assemble it with the Y arrow pointing in the same direction as the camera is pointing?
    Do I assemble with the sensor board components facing down?

  • Twist your sensor in the hands, and look to GUI. It is a simple method to confirm axises.
  • One of the diagrams seems to show the Y axis arrow in the direction of the camera lens. But it cannot be determined from that diagram or other written material, which side of the board is up. Must resort to activation of GUI to move forward here.... which is fine......
  • You can choose whatever side is up...just have to let the system know on the GUI ;-)