Motor connected by pairs do not synchronize / 6s Batteries
  • Due I need to move large and heavy cameras, I need to have two motors on each axis. However, they do not work synchronized; if you use it separately, not problem, I get that all working properly, but put them together in pairs, get interference. Do you know any way to synchronize them in pairs?

    On the other hand, because heavy cameras, I need to use 6s batteries, but I do not know if my two Alexmos 32 bit are revision A or B. I'm using these 6s batteries and I do not find any problem when the power is above 25V. Do you know how I can be sure if I'm acting correctly? or how to know the board version? There is not any signal on the board.
  • You really need to synchronise them, that requires that you can rotate the other motor on its attachments points related to the other. Then you just turn the motor related to other so that they together provides best tongue.
  • Thank you Garug.

    Nevertheless, I've not understood what you mean, could you give me a guide as if I were a donkey? :)
  • There is not much more into it, the motors need to be turned related to each other so that their poles match, otherwise they will be just fighting each other.

    There is one obvious additional thing though, the motors must turn to same direction, or actually as they are on opposite direction and probably facing each other, support turning to same direction. This you fix by changing position of any two wires in one motor. Simple way to test this, make the gimbal to work with one motor, then change the motor that is used, if it work ok and you do not need to change the inverted in GUI then it is ok. Connect both motors.

    so in short there is just two things.

    - the motors must support rotation to same direction, change position of two wires on one of the motors is needed
    - the motor poles must be in same position. (assuming stators are on same position), just do as mentioned in the first post.

    There is no easy way to explain this, you just need to dig into it, try and succeed.

    And note, there is also current limit. two motors in parallel is half of the resistance and double the current.
  • Thank you Garug :)
  • that is total non cence ! connect motor in parallel they both should work as normal if not motor is damaged!