Yaw motor not holding - noob
  • Hello new to the forums and brushless motor gimbal rig but I am trying to figure out my new rig and can learn fast. First the yaw motor will not hold and will move freely as the others are working fine holding great with my light gh4 camera. I did screw in the handle bar on top to the yaw motor and realized after, that the screws went in to deep and was grinding the copper which was giving friction. That is solved by putting a buffer between but I do not know if that ruined the motor or not. Also in the gui the white arrow in the yaw motor compass is moving like crazy as the others are not. Confused right now if it is not getting enough power or needs new firmware or broken motor.

    Using 2.56 b7 GUI
    And for some reason my firmware is on the beta 2.59 b3 should I go to non beta or upgrade to new beta firmware?